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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 11, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> rick: hello, everybody. i'm rick folbaum and welcome to a special edition of america's news headquarters. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. we have fox team coverage for you. wendell goler is a the white house. ericaw shawn fm ground zer (bell rings).
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>> rick: we begin at ground zero where hundreds of mourners gathered to remember those who died in the attacks on the world trade center. eric shawn joining us now. an emotion day for so many nine years later. >> it may have been nine years, but today at some points it didn't seem as if a second had gone by. a second when islamic radical terrorists targeted america. members andmily officials and many others gathered here once again for the eighth time at ground zero to remember, to honor,or tey gathered orrow and in grief to pay tribute to those who were killed here. they brought signs and flowers, as well as roses that they placed in the reflective pools and american flags. yet again they recited the names of all the victims, 2752 who were killed byqa al-qaeda,
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including 343 new york city firefighters. there was no direct mention during the ceremonies ofhe controversy involving the islamic center proposal a few blocks from here. during the ceremony, vice president joeo biden attended, along with his wife, jill, and they placed a flower in the t reflective pool, walking there along with the governors of new york and new jersey and new york city mayor michael bloomberg, who along with family members, reflected on the deep, poignant meaning of this day. >> i want to thank each man, woman and child, both the families and the workers who have helped us today. it's in your hearts and safe keeping that not only our paths is written, but our future. for while the heart still aches, tomorrow arrives and we must go to meet it. >> my son, my hero in heaven, lieutenant david y haldeman.
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i love you forever, david. watch over us. >> tonight the tribute and will be lit just a couple of hours fromow. those are the two beams that will pierce the night sky representing the world trade center towers, a reminder of so much that we have lost as well as the threat that still exist rick? >> rick: the reading of the names every yeart these ceremonies gets to me. finally 9-11 comes along. were there actual signs of progress at that massive t'nstruction site over your shoulder. fill everybody in on what's going on there. >> finally people have been waiting a long time for this. you see the construction craneas behind me. it has been a construction site. there has been a lot of controversy about that. but now the two footprints of the world trade center, the great night is in, there will be 30-foot tall waterfalls that will cascade with water as a memorial to those who died here. the museum is expected to be finished by the 10th
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anniversary next year. then there is the 1776-foot tall freedom tower, renamed world tradeenter tower 1 that is expected to be completed within two years,ta the tallest buildig in the united states. this will be a memorial, reflective plaza, museum will include exhibits andrtifacts from that day telling the story of when radical terrorism attacked our nation. rick. >> rick: eric,: tnks. >> jamie: president obama attending the service at the pentagon this morning, also honoring the fallen and calling for unity in these difficult mes. the president ao saying that despite the attacks, americans are holding fast to their ideals. >> it may seem to exploit our freedoms, but we will not sacrifice the liberties we cherish or hunker down behind walls of suspicion and mistrust. they may wish to drive us apart,
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but we will not give in to their hatred and prejudice. >> jamie: wendell golan is joining us live at the white house. tell us about the president's day today. >> 9-11 was such an awful day, presidents still mark the times of some of the individual events. mr. obama observed a moment of silence at 8:46 this morning and the diplomatic room at the white house to mark the time when americanirlines flight 7 crashed into the north tower of the world trade center. and then less than an hour later, he marked the time when american flight 77 crashed into the pentagon and killed 184 people and in a speech there, he recalled theou cftntry's unity n the aftermath of the attack. >> those who attacked us thought demoralize us, divide us, to deprive us of the very unit, the eery ideals that make america america. the qualities that have made us beacon of freedom and hope to
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billions aroun the world. today we declare once more we will nev hand them that victory. >> the president said america is not and never will be at w with islam, jamie. >> jamie: what about the first lady? >> first lady michelle obama went to shanksville, pennsylvania where the passengers of united airlines flight 93 crashed the plane to keep it from reaching its intended target thought to haore been the capitol or the white house. s was joined there by former first ladyn laura bush who was n both the white house and the capitol that morning nine years ago, the two ladies said the worst of our enemies and the best of our nation were on display that day. in our grief, we learned that our faith is an active faith, that we're called to serve and care for one another and to bring hope and comrt where there is despair and sorrow.
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>> the men and womenne onhat plane had neve metwh the people whose lives they would save, yet they willingly me the sacrifice. >ha> mrs. obama said they remind us that being a hero is m not jt a matter of faith, it's a matter of choice. >> jamie: very well said by both of them. what else will the president do today or what has he done already? >> the president a year ago got congress to declare 9-11 a day ofu service, much in t mold of martin luther king day. so on this day, both he and the firs lady did service projects. the president joining volunteers at a middle school in washington, d.c mr. obama said choosing to build re a day when others sought to destroy summonsof the inherent goodness of the american people. jamie? >> jamie: wendell goler live at the white house. thanks so much. >> rick: other locations holding 9-11 memorial events today as well, the attorney general eric holder participating in a september 11 ceremony at the national law enforcement officers memorial in washington.
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paying tribute toe the 72 polie officers killed in the line of duty during the terrorist attacks. the marching band and bagpipers escort ago group of american ad australian firefighters across the brooklyn bridgeoday. that's a nice sight. the firefiters complete ago month long run across america in honor of those who died on 9-11. this day rolls around every year and it is just -- it is so arfficult, even though we've come so far, as eric was saying, it seems like not a secretary has passed by and i can remember vividl as i know you can, where i was on that morning, sent down by fox to cover the story in the very beginning after the two planes had struck and i arrived in time to interview firefighters who were on the scene there, those who were heading into the towers and then once the towers collapsed,
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those who made their way out. it's something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. >> jamie: it has to. i like to think we remember what happened and who we lost that da every day and just the one that marks the actual day. i always think that the stories of the people we lost are more important than the ones we have to tell, but like you, i was there. i was in the tower that -- when the first plane hit, it came over our pagers as a small plane crash. we knew immediately it was something very different and then i was in the building when the second plane hit and didn't leave for quite some time. i do so day hope to meet the police officer that told me as the buildings creeked and came down that if i didn't run, i would lose my life. i hope he didn't. and i will forever be grateful to he and his family. >> rick: a lot of heros and our hearts go out to the families today on this 9-11 and for more coverage of the ceremonies marking that fateful day and a glimpse of the new structures that are rising, finally at ground zero, go to
6:10 pm >> jamie: shepard smith s a look at what's going on. it was incredible. over the past nine years, the toeat of terrorism appears have broken f into specific branches. intellgence sources are now telling fox news that they're tracking two different. profile. one, american citizens who train overseas, and naturalized citizens who become radicalized. katherine is live in washington with more. exclusively with the man in charge of connecting the dots. what are we learning now about the terror hunt and actually what was behind these attacks? >> thank you. the threat picture has changedig in very significant ways since 9-11. faisal shahzad,iz a naturalized u.s. citen who trained with the pakinsti taliban overseas is cited by the intelligence community as an example of the first threat stream. there is carlos bledsoe, the alleged shooter at a military
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recruitment center. an example of the second threat stream. we spoke with the national counterterrorism center, set up after 9-11, to counter the information. in the main lobby is a 9-11 memorial rarely seen by the public. there is a piece of the twin towers, rubble from the pentagon, and are mains of a flag that flew at ground zero. he says these things are constant rinder of why their work is important and he also told fox that while the country is safer, it is not yet safe given the attempted bombing on christmas day, the bombing inimes square, and the shooting at fort hood. >> i think we have to t continuously try to improve and then also accept that we are a resilient country and that small attacks like that don't threaten cannd the only way that we actually threaten our society is to overreact and give terrorists a victory that they otherwise wouldn't have. >> this week a report that was presented by the chair and co-chair of the 9-11 commission
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is really consistent with that assessment that small scale attacks are really the most likelyo frm of attack in the future and they're not ruling out larger scale attacks as well. >> jamie: we know they do this every day. they stay on it and bot scenarios are in the forefront oftheir minds. but in parcular, there isor new information that is becoming known about the american born cleric in yemen, that is a concern of theirs, and the underwear bomber, who could forget. >> fox news learned new information about this relationship between anwar al-awlaki, senior member of al-qaeda in yemen, and the suspect in the attemptedis bombg on christmas day, umar farouk abdulmutallab. sources tell me that al-awlaki not only blessed the mission, but provided the 23-year-old nigerianith train not guilty yemen, advice on how to side step western security and surveillance. and al-awlaki was the middleman between umar farouk abdulmutallab and the bomb oaker. -awlaki was brn in has crew questions, new mexico in 1971 fatr was a student at
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new mexico state university. he grew up in yes, ma'amen and returned to the u.s. for reject and that photo youee s on the right is from 1997 when this so-called holy man was pked up by san diego cops for soliciting prostitutes. the khi herel- is al-awlaki has become the face of what we'll call this next wave of al-qaeda, the virtual jihaddists who recruit on-line and u.s. officials have told me consistakently that they believe al-awlaki has taken on a more operational role within al-qaeda and his trump card over all of the others is that he is an american citizen he speaks very effectively and directly to these western recruits. >> jamie: katherine, thank you so much. >> you'reel wcome. >> rick: looking ahead to the midterm elections now and there are some polls that are suggesting the gop willetake the house in november, whi ans president obamaould soon
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have to deal with a new spear of the house and he would be ohio republican john boehner. apparently the minority leader. will the two men be ableo iwork with each other if boehner is elevated this fall? joining us now, democratic strategy christopher hahn and chip, the former campaign manager for huckabee for president. good to see you. thank you for coming in. chip, how would these two get along? >> well, it's a great question and it's going to -- a lot will depend on what h'rappened in november. we're not in the majority yet. things look good. let's not count or chickens yet. they don't have much of a relationship right now. you've seen it in a few pick up appearances. i go back to where they had the health care debate where it seemed like president obama was almost lecturing john boehner instead of having a conversation. my guess is if the president wants to get anything done, he probably needs to reach out to leader boehner and try to build some kind of relationship because it's going to be very important to not only the president and the white house, but the country that they work together. >> rick: christopher, president
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obama giving a couple of speeches this past week in which he mentioned john boehner by name on several occasions, almost singling him as the villain inhis whole story who is standing in the way of the obama agenda. this is obviously a strategy on the part of theresedent and the white house. but if these two gentlemen have to work together, was it a smart strategy? >> it's election time and we have to be able to separate the election from governing. i think that's been the problem in our system for the last 15 years somewhat. wee got too many politicians who ar constantly incampaign mode and constantly holding things that were said in the campaign out and using that h tn govn. what has to happen is we have to recognize that there is a crisis going on in this country. i remember working in congress in the days after 9-11 where we all came together and supported the american people and the president and their policies as they tried to adjust to the new reality. we have to adjust to the new reality we have right now. we have risingmy unemployment, e have an economy that's
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struggling to get started and we all have to come together and put aside the partisanow bickerg and rk towards solutions that are good for this country. what boehner will haveroblem with is slew of radicals coming in not necessarily from the main stream republican party. they'll want to constantly block everything the president and senate and house will want to do and investige. people like darryl issa -- >> rick: let me jump in here and get a few more questions in. chip, old timers love to talk about athis point o'neil and ronald reagan, members of opposite parties who would sit down in the white house, the president would invite the speaker in, they would have a drink. they would hammer out compromises and agree on things to help move the country forwd. is there any chance maybe these two could share a cigarette or something, any chance they can sit downndinave that kind of rapport? gosh, you want to hope so. bu the problem is about five seconds after the midterms the next presidential campaign starts. my guess is the white house ios
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going to go into full campaign mode and like you said earlier, they want a bad guy. they want a villain and they're going to continue to attack john boehner and republicans just like my coeague on the other side just did, talking about radical people coming in. no, these people want to cut spending, they want smaller government. smarter government and if the white house wants to work with the republicans and if there is a speaker boehner, it's not very smart to start him.king >> rick: christopher, if the speaker of the house and the president get along, we've seent some dustups between the current speaker and the president and they're both democrats. >> you know, ink thi the voters care that the arican government is doing the business of the american people. if the speaker wants to continue on his obstructionist ways, now that he actually is in power, if he becomes speaker, that's still a big if, if he becomes speaker and he continues on his obstructionist ways, he'll have nobody to blame but himself for the policies that are comi ang t of washington that are not the american8% of
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people. >> rick: wregog to have to leave there. >> i would disagree. john boehner is the only grownup that's saying no. >> rick: thank you both. >> john boehner i is -- >> rick: i'm goingk to say good-bye. thank you for coming in. alys good to talk with you .oth brand now fox news america's election headquarters iphone app. go to >> jamie: i gott. the ws finally lending a c hand in colorado and that is good n news, 1,000 firefighters from 20 states battle flames that have already devoured more than 100 homes near boulder. we're going toe. get an update. >> in california, brand-new details on the fire ball that destroyed dozens of homes there. claudia cowan is in san bruno.
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>> that's right. the search continues forore victims of thursday's fatal pipeline accident. as the federal government now extends a lot of help to the fire victims. i'll have is a lived. update jut ahead.
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>> jamie: we're learning the search is on for two people missing after a gas line explosion in a san francisco
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suburb. did you see the pictures? calinia's first lady maria shriver toured the damage left behind and more of the state's leaders have vowed to help. look at this video. many people losing everything they own in this massive blast that's still under investigation town hall meeting going on right now in san bruno, california. claia cowan is joining us with the latest. i've never seen anything like this. so q massive and quick. do they know what caused it yet? >> we won't know a cause for possibly many, many months, maybe even end of next year. that accordeting the national transportation safety board. right now at this hour i can tell you 700 people have packed a local church to try to get some answers from city officials. someeople have learned they will be able to return to their mes tomorrow. but what a different neighborhood it is now. earlier today, we got a firsthand look at the fire zone and it's hard to believe that just three days ago, there were homes and streets and people who
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but lives there. rubble is everywhere. some homes are gone completely. ndows are blown out, melted cars sit in driveways. and a ehuge crater in the middle caused by the rupture of this 40-foot length of charred pipeline. the blast sent it flying10 about 100 yards and it willof be the y piece of evidence in this criminal investigation. a closer look shows a nearly clean rip on what investigators sayis is a seam weld. that could indicate a failure in the metal sleeve that holds large pieces of pipeline together. many people say they had no idea asa high pressure gas line was running underneath their homes. this pipeline was laid in 1956 years before tse homes were built. how and when this peep line was maintained will be aey part of this investigatn. after seeing devastation firsthand, senator barbara boxer called it a heart breaker and expressed her gratitude to the first responders. president obama also giving governor arnold schwarzenegger
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assurances that federal assistan would be available to from the meantime, authorities continue to search for more victims. two people rema unaccounted for. that could mean that the death toll which stands at four could rise. many residents say they hado complained to the local utility company, pacific gas and electric, about smelling natural gas in this area prior to thursday's accident. the ntsb, national transportation safety board, which is leading the federal investigatiosinto this acncidet, says it wants to talk to those people and follow up to find out when and if those complaints were made and if so, if they were sufficiently addressed. jamie?th >> jamie: the investigaontiat continues. thanks for the very latest from the scene. for more of the stunning images and new information on the san bruno explosion, go to our web site, there is a slide show. and if you have vidofeo or phots of the scene there or you know any news event that you happen to catch, all you have to do is
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click on the you rert link, send us your images, many make air. >> rick: firefighters believe that they have now gotten the upper hand on a fast moving fire in the foothills of colorado. watch. these are firefighters hard at work. they've come from almost 20 states now to clear debris flames left behind. the fire burning just outside of boulder, colorado, it torched almost 170 homes and ten square miles of land. firefighters say four people are still unaccounted for there. today also a day to remember our troops in harm's way fighting a war on terror, keeping us safe here. we're going to go live to afghanistan where our servicemen and women are paying tribute to their fallen comrades in a pretty unique way. aso a hot spot in asia is getting hotter. tens of thousands of protesters taking to the streets. police are struggling to hold them back. we're going to tell you iwhere and how it all bega
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>> rick: welcome back. we are half past the hour. your top headlines, tropical storm igor is gathering strength as it churns across the atlantic. the storm is hundrs of miles off, but could become a major hurricane as it nears the u.s. >> jamie: thousands of anti-indian protesters setting fire to government offices in cashmere. police firing warning shots and tear gas to disburse the huge crowds. >> rick: president obama calling for unity and renewal while commemorating 9-11 at the pentagon, saying the u.s. must not, quote, sacrifice the liberties we cherish or hunker down behind walls of suspicion and mistrust.ti >> jamie: as ts nation remembers those who lost their
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lives and their families, too, today's also a moment to take note of our troops who remain on the front lines fighting to keep us safe. troops in afghanistan paying tribute today to theirra fallen comrades with a memorial run. more than 4,400 soldiers pay the ultimate price. a roll call of honor never to be forgotten. conner powell is live in kabul. tell us more. >> jamie, there were some festivities here as some of the larger bases, but across the country for u.s. troops it was another day in a combat situation. there simply are no holidays, no breaks for most of the troops here. they have a mission here and that's to defeat the taliban. nine years on the war here in afghanistan has really been a war of transition the past 18 months or so. for years hthommanders here complained at tre weren't enough troops or resources to properly fight the taliban. that's all changed in the lt year or sopr as president obama
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serves another 30,000 troops here. those tops are all fully incounn place a new strategy here. for years it was just focusing on trying to kill, hunt down and kill the taliban. that changed now. the focus here is to protect afghan civilians and build up the afghan government, curity forces from the police to the army and one u.s. general told f here recently in the past days that the strategy here reay is to train the u.s.' way out of this country. they want to train the afghan police and the afghan army so they can ultimately take over from u.s. troops and the international community. the idea is that u.s. troops will give the police and the army breathing room right now to train, to build up, to grow and that next year and in the following years, the u.s. and international community will hand over responsibility for security to the i afghans. it is a long and difficult process, but it is one that the u.s. commanders here on the
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ground, general petraeus andll others believe will begin to show real results over the next year or so. >> jamie: we wonder if we go in another direction. whatill happen. thanks for that report from kabul, afghanistan. we're going to take a look at the future of u.s. strategy in afghanistan and elsewhere. lieutenant colonel bill cowan will be our guest coming up. >> rick: right now all arrows are up on wall street. consumer confidence and blue chip stocks seeing gains. the commerce department saying friday wholesale inventories werep. 1.3% in july. but september is kind of known as a volatile month. what's ahead for your wallet? th managing partner with chapwood capital investment manager joins us live. good to see you. what's going on? the markets looking pretty good. >> the markets have been pretty good. i think this is a great subject. to tly understand it, want to go back a little bit. let's say that prior to the liquidity crisis, you were driving a car. let's replace that car with the
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what happened? peeconomy. all of a sudden someone put their hands over your eyes. what a you going to do? you're going to put the brakes on. you're going to slow down and that's what happened to the economy during the liquidityl crisis. all that's happening now is we're starting to get more clarity. let's see you were going 60 miles an hour, you slowed down to 10. now it's starting to speed up a little bit. we're certainly not back to where people want us to be. we might be at 30, 35 miles an hour. people want us to be at 60 again. we're slowly getting there. a lot of the things that are in place right now are holding us back. >> rick: i don't understand yr statement about clarity because we are facing the possibility of the largest tax increase in the history of our country. maybe they will be able to work out a deal and i was ltening closely to the president yesterday. it seemed like he might have left the window open a tiny, tiny bit this regards to extending the bush tax cuts for everybody. not just the small group that he wants to extend them for.
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but there is still a lot of uncertainty as to what's going to happen with people's taxes. how could there be clarity when acat still hovering over everything? >> i was just going back to the liquidity crisis. 'cause we've seen the market oved. but has absolutely nothing to do with any positive thing this administration has done. we would be a lot further along had we not seen the potential tax hikes that are hovering over us. what i think is going to happen is we'll see a little bit of a compromise. the market will go higher. we could be in much better shape if we didn't have some of the policies that hav been in place recently. >> rick: okay. so let's say the republicans win the house of representatives, which a lot of people say issue a lot of s polls are saying the republicans stand a good chances of that. how does the market respond to that? >> well, if we start to see the potential for taxes to be lowered and not see that massive tax hike we're probably going to see if something doesn't change, if we do see that, we will see stock prices rise. we will see them rise considerably.
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i believe by the end of the ar, we'll see stock prices somewhereround 10, 15% upix for th next six months basically. >> wow. >> i'm very positive about where going.ket is bu if we see taxes cut, we'll probably see the market go higher. we need something positive to happen and less tax also allow this economy to grow and allow stock prices to go higher. >> rick: we might push irrational exuberance if we go higher. and that gets people nervous in a different direion. good to see you. thank you very much. >> jamie: ed mentioned tax cuts. president obama is looking to push new tax breaks through congress aim to go increase revenues for small businesses all across the nation. peter barnes has our small business report. >> it was being nice to business week for president obama. the president traveling the country to promote new economicp stimulus proposals. he wants more infrastructurema spending, a permanent research tax credit, and bigger writeoffs
6:38 pm
fo new business investment. >> this will help small businesses upgrade their plants and equipment and will encourage large corporations to get off putting lines and start their profits to work in our economy. >> but the benefits could be limited. one proposal offers a 100% tax deduction on new plants and equipment. but small businesses can already get a 100% writeoff for up to $250,000. and relatively few small sinesses are ready or ableo invest anything close to 250,000 right now. regardless, the president's treasury secretary says the proposals are serious and sensible. >> these new proposals the president laid out this week to again provide greater incentives for business investment and to help strengthen a nation's infrastructure are ideas that tve had broad support for a long piod of time. we'd like to work with the congress t them in place as as soon as as we can. >> analysts say there is limited time onto the legislative calenr
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to pass the proposals by the time congress leaves town in october to campaign for midterm elections. republicans and some democrats say the best wayo help small s,siness is to extend the expiring bush tax cuts, even for those families making more than $250,000 a year. a move the president poses. that's it forhis edition of the small business report in washington. peter barnes, "fox business" network. >> rick: thank o you. president obama may have declared combat operations over in iraq, but we still have tens of thousands of u.s. special forces on the ground there and we're talking about the best of the best. the role that they're now playing in the wark. on terror, when we comeack. ck
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>> rick: u.s. forces in iraq are now ramping up operation new dawn. the mission focusing primarily on training iraqi soloediers on the ground. so what does that mean for our fight against al-qaeda and other extremist groups in iraq? malini wilkes on the scene.
6:44 pm
>> former president bush pdge to do fight terrorists abroad so we wouldn't have to face them at home. nine years after 9-11, iraqi special operationsorces are key to counterterrorism efforts here. should the iraqis be leading our war on terror? i had rare access to talk to iraqi specialorces commanders and eir u.s. advisors. they are highly trained commandos with the best u.s. equipment. the iraqi special operations forces. this is just an exercise in capturin the most dangerous terrorists. nine years after 9-11, they're key to counterterrorism efforts here. americandvisors observed, sometimes participate, but more and more hang back. >> what we're really doing is really follow, observend report. we're watching them. >> u.s. and iraqi commanders say al-qaeda has been degraded since 2007. in fallujah and many areas.
6:45 pm
the old al-qaeda does not exist inn iraq. their leaders have been killed. many have been captured. >> the fight isn't over. high profile bombings continue with al-qaeda claiming responsibility. that's why more than 4,000 u.s. specialorces remain here to coach and support their iraqi counterparts. >> we live together, we eat together, we sleep together. we even fight h together. wee hav died together. >> some iraqis call their special forces the dirty brigade, accusing them of aggressive tactics. american advisors say the iraqi special forces are the finest in the middle east, partly because they've been working with the elite u.s. army forces for seven years. rick? >> rick: thank you. >> jamie: the road to victory in afghanistanis ninie after the wr began, what is the best way forward? a new report laying out some new ideas. >> rick: plus a special edition of the fox report is ming up at the top of the hour with shepard smith live from liberty
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state park in new jersey. don't go away.
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>> rick: welcome back. search crews in northerng california now finding the remains of two more victims of that explosion outside of san francisco. the death toll a now stands at
6:50 pm
six. there are still a few more people that authorities are looking for there. also, as we go to the next headline, the vice president laying a wreath at ground zero this morning, taking part in one of the many events honoring the victims and heros of the september 11 attacks. and iran announcing a delay in the release of an american hiker. she was supposed to have been released today, but iran judiciary says that it wants her to stand trial first. this young woman has serious health problems. she's not receiving medical attention. she w arrested, along with two other american hikers last july. they're accused of spying. >> jamie: the attack on 9-11 triggered the war in afghanistan. it still echos very much today. so nine years later, how far have we come in the war?es what is the best way ahe for victory? a bipartisan study group issuing a report saying it's time for the u.s. to develop a new
6:51 pm
strategy. joininge now to talk about it, retired marine lieutenant colonel bill cowan, a fox news military analyst. always great to have you on. >> thanks. nice to be here. >> jamie: i'm going to me it this simple. where is the enemy? at question. look, it's interesting when you look at it. the president keeps talking about al-qaeda. the fight against terrorism, the fight against al-qaeda, our own otelligence agency says there is maybe no more than 200 of them, most of them on the pakinstani side of the border. so the war we're fightings really right now against the taliban and the taliban represent an internal threatto afghanista not an external threat to other nations, including us and the west. the taliban are trying to get here. hey're just trying to establish themselves in afghanistan. >> jamie: so you've had an opportunity as i have to read much of that bipartisan study. it came out and said certain changes should be made. should we be looking at other countries closer, pakistan, i'd keli to ask you about.
6:52 pm
yemen and syria. >> ibe think -- i'd like to be looking at syria and yemen for other reasons. not to help them get engaged with us. but clearly when we look around that region, other countries should be playing a more active diplomatic role. we heard this a few times out of kabul an general petraeus, when we talk about diplomacy, we include talking to the taliban themselves. the study group says we need to look at power sharing as a way of releasing the tension of stopping the fighting ofaking this a different country without it just being based on a u.s. and nato military presence. so there are certainly other countries in that region who many wld say correctly should be playing some kind of role in influencing not only kabul, but the taliban also. >> jamie: my curiousity was whether or not they're safe havens or iran funding with weaponry and other resource. we've heard about them setting up shop, iranian so-called companies in kabul lookiti like
6:53 pm
legitimate businesses, but paying the taliban, putting a price on our troops' heads. how do we stop this? do we do it in afghanistan? do we do it tithe way we're doig now? >> ll, you know that the iranians responsible for the deaths of a lot of youngen american men and women in the battles in iraq. their fingerprints are all er the marine compound embassies here and there, towers in saudi arabia. the iranians have a long histy of killing americans both on the battlefield and off and getting away with it. this administration and unfortunately the one before it turned a blind -- then before that one, going back clinten and even going back to reagan, they all turned a blind eye on what the iranis are doing. what our power points are against the iranians or syria or the yemeni, there are a lot of options, but none of them ever seeps to be on thet table. >> jamie: they don't seem to be right now. a lot of resources went into kandahar. what happened to kandahar?
6:54 pm
are we there? >> listen, that's a great question because there was a lot of lead up to an oration kicking off in june in kandahar and it never happened. i think in part because general petraeus came in and waed to change the tone of what general mccrystal had goirati. so the operation happened in a much more subtle fashion where we put u.s. troops quietly, marines mostly, quietly outnto those villages, out into the area around kandahar without making big battles out of it. many of the taliban fled into the hills anyway. so our real goal with the military is estaishing a presence in towns andpu villages around polated centers and then allowing the afghan army, the afghan police, national ngo's to come in, whoever that can come in and help change the status on the ground inon a nonconflict mode. >> jamie: sounds like diplomacy. great thoughts today. i rlly appreciate your insight. good to see you. >> thanks. >> rick: servicemen poise to do
6:55 pm
receive our nation's highest military awards. who he is and whate did to earn this when we come back. if you suffefrom heartburn two or more days a week,
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6:59 pm
he showed such bravery in trying to save his fellow soldiers he will be the first living service member to receive the medal of honor. the nation's highest military honor. seven previous medals of honor were given posthumously. he called staff sergeant to telb him he will be honored the medal at the white house in a future ceremony. white house says during the ambush, he ran out and braved enemy gunfire to pull a fellow oldier back t o cover. then he saw twont insurgents carying away a sergeant. he ran after them killing one insurgent and wounding the other and tending to the injured sergeant. he sadly died the next day. in a statement the white house said his courage and leadership while under extreme enemy fire were integral to his platoon's ability to defeat e an enem


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